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The Innocence of Adnan Syed

Hae (Top) Adnan (Bottom)

After finishing the podcast “Serial” the question still stands, is Adnan Syed innocent? Sarah Koenig spent over a year investigating whether Adnan was innocent or not, and by the end she still could not decide. There are three pieces of evidence that stand out to me that prove Adnan’s innocence. There are too many holes in Jay’s story, Asia’s story of Adnan being in the library at the time of the murder, and how we can dispel the “Nisha call”


Jay’s Story

Jay Wilds

Jay, the main witness during the trials, has many holes in his story of that day. Many of these holes are never brought up during trial and are simply overlooked or forgotten. Jay is known by his friends as a liar, during an interview with Josh, Jay’s friend he said, “its not that he bragged about stuff that he did, sometimes he made up things that he didn’t do” (Koenig). During that same interview Josh also said that he, “never entirely understood why Jay would help Adnan bury Hae” (Koenig). With the way Josh was speaking, it made me think that he did not believe Jay and thought that he was making up the story. Another hole in Jay’s story is revealed after Koenig investigates the supposed payphone at Best Buy. It is revealed that there was no payphone in the parking lot of Best Buy, it was in the store. This is a huge difference because that is more time added on to the 21 minutes it supposedly took Adnan to leave school, kill Hae and call Jay. Knowing that Jay is prone to lying, it makes me ask the question, “is any of Jay’s story true? did he kill Hae?”


Asia’s Story

One of the biggest pieces of evidence that was overlooked by the investigators, was Asia’s story. Asia claims that she and Adnan were in the public library talking, at the time that Hae was supposedly being killed. This piece of evidence was never brought up in court

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Asia McClain

and could have potentially saved Adnan. To this day Asia still says that, “She stands by her memories of seeing Adnan that January afternoon in the public library and she stands by her affidavit” (Koenig). There is no possible way for Adnan to be in two place at once. This is important because Asia’s affidavit claims that, her, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s friend all saw Adnan in the library that day and that there is no possible way for him to have killed Hae at that time.


The “Nisha Call”

This last piece of evidence is a rather important one. The “Nisha call” as it is called by Koenig, is a big piece of evidence against Adnan. This call puts Adnan with his phone at the correct time that Jay claims and if the call was made by Adnan, it means that most of the rest of Jay’s story must be true. But, there is a big problem with the call, Adnan claims that he didn’t have his phone at this time, and he also claims that Nisha’s number was on speed dial. Adnan says that it must have been a “butt dial” (Koenig). At first I thought Adnan must be lying, but after Koenig brought up that,“AT&T wont charge for unanswered calls, unless the call isn’t terminated (this includes unanswered calls) within a ‘reasonable time’” (Koenig), I now think otherwise. Nisha claims that she did not have an answering machine, so if it was a butt dial, then the phone would keep ringing and the charge would show up on his bill. The charge on the bill showed the call lasted 2 minutes, this puts it well past the 60 second “reasonable time” stated in a contract from 1999.

The Power of Three

Any one of theses pieces of evidence on their own is not enough to create doubt, however the power of all three pieces together provide enough doubt to suggest Adnan’s innocence. Jay’s history of lying, Asia’s story, and the “Nisha call” all suggest that there is no possible way that Adnan could be where he needed to be to commit the murder. For these reasons, I believe Adnan is innocent and that he was wrongly convicted.


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