The Professor and the Madman from a Feminist Perspective

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3 thoughts on “The Professor and the Madman from a Feminist Perspective

  1. Hey Tristan! I love what you did with your video. I haven’t read your book, but you did very well in describing the feminism that happened throughout your book. I agree with your ideas and how the women were treated unfair compared to men.


  2. Hey! Yeah in the past women were really underprivileged. They could be abused and treated like garbage. Thanks goodness times have changed. In your book as you say women are not very relevant and do not last long in the story I would like to say my book is the opposite. Of course, my book is written by a women so the views are a bit bias and the whole book revolves around her. By the way, my book is the glass castle. Also, even though my book revolves around women, they are still mostly treated as objects. I am not sure if your book is fiction or non fiction but mine is non fiction. I believe that the reason our books have that similarity is that this is just the way the world works. Until recently, women were just treated that way. Do you think that society will ever be able to put gender aside?


  3. Hello Tristan. After watching your video, I found it very easy to understand the struggles that women went through between the 1800’s and 1900’s. I certainly agree that these views are all directed to feminism. Have you considered what society would be like today if women and men were equal throughout history? An interesting thought. I loved your views on your book Tristan!


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