Should ENG4U be mandatory for University?

University of Kent

Going into grade 12, many people are planning to go to university and that requires grade 12 University English. But, have you ever thought about if you should even have to take grade 12 University English?  I think that grade 12 University English should be mandatory for all universities and heres why. The skills taught in ENG4U are imperative to succeeding in university and in the workforce. Some students will become doctors, lawyers, and politicians, and they will quickly realize that they are outmatched in their field by the people around them if they can’t communicate effectively and professionally.

Throughout your time in university, you will have to do some kind of writing, be it a research report, lab report, or essay, you will have to do it. With majors in English, you will have to write essay after essay and will need to know how to effectively and efficiently write down your ideas in order to stay on top of your work. Even in programs that have seemingly nothing to do with English, you will have to write in some form or another. For example, if you wish to do a program in Music at the University of Waterloo, only 40% of your courseswill be music related, the other 60% are electives, and within those electives you will have to write some kind of report (UWaterloo).

Music program information (Waterloo)

Even within the program itself, an English course is required. For the University of Waterloo, students who take a program related to Music must take ENGL 109 in their first year (UWaterloo).


With so many students finishing school every year, getting a job within your field of study is difficult. You need to be able to set yourself apart from the others. With the skills learned in ENG4U, you will be able to better communicate in your writings. Therefore when you go to write a resume and cover letter, yours will stand out amongst the rest and the chances of you landing that interview for your dream job will increase.

In university, no one will be there to hold your hand through every assignment, you will need to know how to think critically and work independently to finish assignments properly and on time. Which are skills that are acquired through taking ENG4U.

Students without the skills taught in ENG4U will not be able to effectively communicate and therefore will struggle throughout their time in university. That is why I think grade 12 University English should be mandatory to be accepted into university.


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